Bad Computer

cast plastic, speakers, micro-controllers, servos, wood, paint, appropriated audio.

installation view


installation footage


Most evil computer characters from popular science fiction films lack a speaking apparatus, or one that is apparent to the audience. Typically the voices emanate from the diegetic audio track of the film through mixing in post production. These maniacal megalomaniac characters are performed by actors attempting to sound like the archetypical digital killing machine: cold, calculating and precise. “Bad Computer” addresses the lack the physical speaking apparatus and speculates what it would be like to collocate these incompatible egos. Dialog from several popular science fiction films was recorded to form the basis for the audio tracks of this piece.

The sculpture is made of 24 white cast plastic mouths with moving jaws and a single speaker inside each.  As the audio track for the piece is played, the jaws of the mouths move in unison with audio coming out of the speakers. The mouth units are mounted to a white back board along with micro controllers, amplifiers, transformer and requisite cabling.


mouth detail